Group B Streptococcus (GBS)

Protect your new born baby! Group Strep B screening at Baby Moments Group B Streptococcus (GBS) is the UK’s most common cause of life threatening infections in new born babies, and of meningitis in babies up to age 3 months. … The number of babies that are being born with potentially fatal Strep B is […]

Pregnancy Symptoms

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The following information covers general concerns and describes some of the issues, feelings and symptoms which you may experience during pregnancy. These are only general descriptions, which are meant to give you an idea of when to be concerned and also what is normal. Of course, if you become concerned in any way, or have […]

Pregnancy Food Preferences

During early pregnancy, the smell of some foods may possibly cause nausea. During later pregnancy, you may find that you also develop a craving for certain foods. For some women, even some strange food combinations, for example, like ice cream and gherkins. Numerous ladies find that they develop a strong dislike to coffee and even […]

Morning Sickness during Pregnancy

Morning Sickness, Nausea and Vomiting – Typically confined to early pregnancy, though some women experience this symptom for up to six months. Most women encounter morning sickness for about a month during their first trimester, and symptoms can start as early as 14 days after conception. Morning sickness is not always confined to the morning, […]

Good Health during Pregnancy

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Nutrition: It is essential, during your pregnancy, you pay particular attention to your nutritional intake, and it is certainly not the right time to “diet”. You need to eat the correct foods and try hard not to gain an unhealthy amount of weight, but you should definitely NOT be dieting. You need to pay special […]

It is better to be safe than sorry!

Alcohol can cause many different symptoms which are found in Fetal. Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (known as FASD). This is due to the fact that alcohol travels straight into your baby’s body, in high concentration levels, through your blood stream, via the umbilical cord and into the placenta. FASD can result in children having disabilities and […]

Sleep during Pregnancy

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During your pregnancy you will need more sleep, and should plan to ensure that this is achieved. Make a conscious effort and try to be strict with yourself, not to stay up very late trying to get certain things done, like a report for work or sending emails. You need to allow yourself to rest, […]