The following information covers general concerns and describes some of the issues, feelings and symptoms which you may experience during pregnancy.

These are only general descriptions, which are meant to give you an idea of when to be concerned and also what is normal.

Of course, if you become concerned in any way, or have any questions, you should always contact your doctor.

In the sections which follow, you will find guidelines for exercise and nutrition, and also many helpful pieces of information regarding the changes which occur during each trimester.

You will also find out how to take care of your body and adjust your life style and schedule during every stage of your pregnancy.

After the initial excitement of finding out that you are pregnant has worn off, you should

Although not every woman has every symptom during pregnancy, you may find that you can experience fatigue, tenderness of your breasts and morning sickness.

Some women absolutely “SAIL” through their pregnacy whilst others seem to endure lots of smaller issues. These issues do not necessarily amount to anything serious, but can in some cases, disrupt life in general.

Here are some of the things which you may encounter:

Fatigue – you may find that you feel ‘bone tired’ or become easily fatigued, especially during your first trimester.

It is worth bearing in mind, that your body is working much harder supplying blood and nutrients to your baby in the womb and producing certain hormones.

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