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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

At Baby Moments we are committed to providing safe, enjoyable and memorable scans. We pride ourselves on the level of service we give in every consultation. Below are our terms and conditions to let you know what you can expect when booking your special scan with Baby Moments.


Bookings can be placed online or over the telephone and will be confirmed via email. It is the customers’ responsibility to check the date and time of their scan and to notify a member of the Baby Moments team should these be incorrect.


Customers are able to pay the full amount or deposit using cash, online payment using credit/debit card or using PayPal. Customers are required to pay a £30 deposit prior to their scan with Baby Moments. This is to confirm your booking and reserve your space with the sonographer.  Where possible, your deposit must reach our account at least 7 days before your scan date in order to secure your appointment. If the deposit has not been received 6 days prior to the scan, Baby Moments reserve the right to cancel this appointment. If your appointment has been made with less than 7 days’ notice, e.g. you book an appointment to take place in the next few days, we expect your deposit to be paid within 24 hours of making your booking. If your deposit is not received within this period we reserve the right to cancel the appointment. The remaining balance for your scan can be paid here when you attend, prior to your appointment.

Changing appointment dates/times (Rescheduling):

Appointment times/dates can be changed for free up to 10 working days before your original appointment.

Changing appointments will be subject to availability on the new date requested.

All changes made to scans with less than 3 working days’ notice will be subject to a £30 cancellation fee. A new deposit will be processed to secure your new appointment.

If you have booked an appointment on a day offering a promotion discount and then reschedule to another day, your scan will become subject to full price.

Changing appointment to a different package -on the original date and time booked:

If you decide you would like to change the package you have booked please see below:

If you are changing your original appointment for a longer package, providing we have space on our schedule we can alter the booking free of charge.

If you would like to change your original appointment for a different one which is the same length of time, this can be processed free of charge.

If you would like to change your original appointment for a shorter package, this can be processed free of charge as long as it is at more than 3 working days’ notice. If it is under 3 working days’ notice, we are unable to change the booking. If you then wish to cancel please refer to the cancelation section.


For bookings cancelled with more than 10 working days’ notice, clients deposit will be refunded in full. The £30 deposit will be retained as an administration fee if cancelled with less than 10 working days.

Exception will be made in cases of severe complications, miscarriage or hospitalisation. In these cases the deposit will be refunded in full.

Cancellations must be made via email or over the phone with a member of the team. Customers who fail to appear for their appointment will lose any monies/deposit paid.

Please note, when we refer to 10 working days, we include Saturdays as a working day.

Very rarely due to unforeseen circumstances, Baby Moments may have to cancel some appointments but we will always endeavor to give as much notice as possible and to offer alternative appointments if available or refund all monies paid.

Late arrival at the clinic:

Please aim to arrive 10 minutes prior to your scan to allow time to complete the Consent form and process any remaining payments. For customers arriving late we will try to complete the appointment, however we may need to reduce your appointment length to accommodate other clients. We are unable to offer a discount in price for appointments shortened due to the late arrival of a customer. Depending on availability customers can move their appointment time if arriving late, however we are unable to refund the deposit on these occasions. An additional £30 will be charged to make an additional appointment slot due to late arrival.


Early Viability Scans:

For customers who are less than 6 weeks pregnant at the time of their scan, we will endeavor to provide as much information as possible, however we are unable to offer a free second appointment in these cases.  If you are unsure whether you are under 6 weeks pregnant, we would recommend booking your appointment a few weeks later.

Gender scans:

If we are unable to tell you the gender of your baby during your 2D/3D/4D Gender scan, we will offer a free second appointment. Your Rescan if needed, will be offered during weekday appointments rather than on an evening or a weekend. For gender scans booked at less than 16 weeks pregnant, we are unable to confirm the gender and are unable to offer a free second appointment.

Our 2D quick gender scan can be conducted from 17 weeks pregnant only. If your baby is measuring under 17 weeks pregnant or you knowingly book before 17 weeks pregnant, we cannot conduct the 2D quick gender scan. If you are between 16 and 17 weeks, we can, if time permits, offer you the full 2D/3D/4D gender scan. If this option is declined and the scan is therefore cancelled, your deposit payment will be non-refundable. The 2D quick gender scan does not include a free rescan if we are unable to see the gender of your baby.

Please note we do not quote 100% accuracy on our gender scans.

4D Scans/Bonding packages:

With our 30 minute bonding packages, if we are unable to fulfil the primary purpose of the appointment during your scan, due to the baby’s position, we will offer a free second appointment. For example the Cute Moments package primary purpose is to provide you with images of you baby. A Rescan appointment will therefore be appropriate if the client and the sonographer agree that the scan did not provide sufficient satisfactory images of your baby. Rescans in this case will only be offered during weekday appointments. Should we be unable to obtain any improved images during the second appointment, we are unable to offer a refund or any further free appointments.

Our 15 Minute Just a peek scan is not covered by the rescan policy. We will always try our best during your appointment to get you the best quality images we can. If the baby is in a bad position and we are unable to obtain images, if we have time during the clinic, we will try to send you for a walk to change baby’s position and try again during your appointment.

Policies and Procedures:

For a copy of our complete policies and procedures please contact a member of the Baby Moments team.

Photography/Video footage:

We kindly ask all customers to refrain from using their mobile phones during the scan. Photography or videoing in the scan room is not permitted. If you have a special requirement, such as skyping family during your scan, we can accommodate this but, it needs to be arranged prior to your appointment.

We may on occasion use some of the images obtained during scans for marketing purposes. If you do not give permission for your images to be used for marketing purposes please specify this on the Consent Form prior to your appointment.

It is our policy to follow nationally recognised guidance from BMUS to comply with the code of practice of ALARA (which stands for “As Low AS Reasonably Achievable”)

This means that we will not scan for any longer than is needed to achieve the outcome which satisfies the purpose of the scan. This is for the wellbeing of the mother and the baby. You might therefore find that the sonographer spends only 20 minutes of a 30 minute appointment actually performing the scan. No scan time will be reduced unless the outcome is achieved.

Data protection:

Baby Moments comply fully with the Data Protection Act to ensure all information remains strictly confidential.

Following recent updates to rules surrounding the holding of Personal Data, we wish to clarify our procedures around how we at Baby Moments handle your Personal and Sensitive information.

We have a database which holds basic information on all clients who have booked with us, such as yourself.

The information we hold includes only the following:

  • Your name and the name of the person booking your appointment for you (if different)
  • The phone number you supplied us with at the time of booking.
  • Your email address
  • Your postcode if you have provided it.
  • Your address in some circumstances.
  • Your Date of Birth
  • Your GP details

We also obviously hold information relating to your pregnancy, and any scan/screening appointment you had with us. We keep all images and reports for all our clients, either on our Ultrasound Machine memory or archived to CD.

We do not have access to any details relating to your method of payment for the service you purchased from Baby Moments.

Generally, we do not make any use of the information we hold on our past / current clients. However, very occasionally we will contact relevant clients (only within the same pregnancy) to let you know about offers or promotions we are running which may be of interest to you.

We will never pass your details on to any third party organisation except in the following circumstances:

  • Clients attending for NIPT Screening – we will share necessary details with the laboratory processing your blood sample.
  • Clients attending for Group Strep B Screening – we will share necessary details with the laboratory processing your swabs.
  • Clients where a problem is identified within the scan – we will pass images and our report on to your primary healthcare providers ONLY WITH YOUR SPECIFIC CONSENT.
  • Clients where we are concerned relating to a potential adult or child safeguarding issue – we are obliged to report any serious concerns to the relevant bodies.

You are entitled to let us know how you would like us to use your personal information. Please let us know if you would prefer not to be contacted by us with any future offers or promotions. (PLEASE NOTE THIS WILL ONLY APPLY TO CLIENTS WITHIN THE SAME PREGNANCY, WE WILL NOT CONTACT ANY CLIENTS WHO HAVE ALREADY HAD THEIR BABY)

If you would like a print out of the Information we hold about you please let us know and we will provide it as quickly as possible at no charge.

Please also let us know if you would like us to remove your information entirely from our database. This will have no impact on any future appointments you might choose to arrange with us, but will just mean you will have to submit all your details again if you return for another appointment.

You are welcome to contact us regarding any of these decisions at any time, and clients who consent to our storing their personal and sensitive data, or to our contacting you with promotions etc., can withdraw their consent at any time in the future by emailing us via our website https://www.scan4d.co.uk/contact-2

Baby Moments will always treat your Personal and Sensitive data with the utmost confidentiality and respect.

UNLESS SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED OTHERWISE we will assume consent for us to continue to practice our Data Protection procedures in relation to your Personal and Sensitive information as detailed above.

Making a complaint

While we try very hard to make sure every client has the best experience possible, there may be occasions where clients are not satisfied with the service we have provided. We welcome all constructive feedback, be it positive or negative.

We have a complaints policy that we are more than happy to share with you.

In the first instance if you would like to provide us with feedback, please email info ((at))scan4d.co.uk

She will be more than happy to discuss the issue with you, or provide you with the full complaints policy.