Early Pregnancy or Viability Scan from 6 weeks

Early Pregnancy Dating / Viability Scan

Baby Moments offers an early pregnancy scan to reassure parents who might be worried about their pregnancy during the early stages, perhaps due to previous history, or those who just wish to check if everything is fine or bleeding. This scan will confirm the development and dating of the pregnancy, check the heart beat, and show whether it is a single or multiple pregnancy. You can have an early dating/viability scan from as early as 6 weeks into your pregnancy. Appointments are usually available within a few days of booking, or even sometimes on the same day. Early pregnancy scans are normally conducted transabdominally (a tummy scan) but in some cases a transvaginal (internal) scan will be indicated, for instance in very early pregnancy, or if the uterus is tilted. The sonographer will be able to advise you which is best for you. Your sonographer will be able to take measurements of your baby and uterus to confirm your pregnancy dates. Your due date will be given during your First Trimester Scan at your chosen hospital. During the scan you may be able to see your baby making small movements, which never fails to delight parents to be. If a problem is detected or suspected with any aspect of your pregnancy at any Baby Moments scan this will be discussed with you straight away. We will advise you of action to take, and information will be provided for you to take back to your health professionals. In some cases we can directly refer to EPU for further care.   All early pregnancy scans are in 2D and will last around 15 minutes. With this package you will receive 2 black and white photos, along with a full report on baby’s progress. This will be printed for you, along with being presented to you on a USB stick. Please see our price list or online booking information for the cost of our Early pregnancy Dating/Viability scans.